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New England born and raised, I now live with my lovely wife Marge in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. We have been here 12 years. I am self taught and starting my 8th year of painting in different styles but predominantly acrylic plein air.I love them all, the colors, the textures and the challenges that come with each new panting in whatever style they are painted in.


There is a story behind each painting. Some of my early ones are flashbacks from my early days in Orange Springs as I poled the shallow backwaters of rivers, ponds and swamps. Maybe you will recognize a few places.

 I soon hope to place the state of Maine on canvas as well. All of these paintings will be sudio paintings from thousands of photos I have taken through the years.


If you are just flipping through this site out of curiosity, please let me know what you think by a personal email to: studio@rogerasselinart.com